Custom Invitations

Sending custom invitations to friends, family, and business associates is a very good way to let them know that your special occasion is very important to you. Custom invitations also relay the message to your guests that you value them as guests at your event, so you have had the best custom invitations made. Your guests will judge how important this event is to you by the quality of the invitation that you send them.

There are different ways to get custom invitations online for weddings, graduations and for birth announcements. You can choose to use a free website that allows you to type in your customized information and then print out your invitations. The other option is to pay a fee to have the company print them for you.

Custom InvitationsWebsites normally allow you to browse through hundreds of available cards that can be customized with your personal details. Many people prefer to have photo invitations for their wedding invitations. A photo of the couple happily sitting or standing together is usually chosen. Wedding invitations are no longer simply white with silver or gold lettering. Modern styles may have bright colors, light pastels, or white with floral arrangements or other designs. The details of the wedding, along with the bride and groom’s names and details of the wedding are usually printed on the front of the invitation.

There are many options available for those who want to design their own invitations or announcements. Choosing the basic design of the card is the first step. This involves picking the color of the paper, the color and style of the lettering, and whether or not the buyer likes the wording of the card. Some websites allow you to insert your own wording, such as a poem or a verse that you wrote for your cards. Most do not, and require you to fill in each line with your personal details.

Wedding invitations are often part of a set that includes RSVP cards and envelopes, printed directions to the wedding location and reception, and placards. The colors of the cards usually coordinate with the wedding colors as well. If the couple met in a special location such as Paris, they may choose a card design with a background featuring the Eifel Tower. The possibilities are endless when customizing invitations.

Graduation invitations can also be customized in many ways. The graduate may choose several poses in graduation cap and gown and casual clothes to be inserted in the front of the invitation. These cards are also available in an array of bright, colorful backgrounds. If the graduate chooses not to have his or her photo, he or she may want a graphic featuring hundreds of balloons floating into the sky or any other scene that is related to celebrating the happy day.

Birth announcements can also be customized online. Traditional colors of pink and blue are not the only ones available because parents can choose from an array of rainbow shades. They may or may not want a photo of the newborn on the announcement. As with the other types of invitations or announcements, the personal details will need to be entered after choosing the card. The next step is to customize as much as the website allows. Some give you a choice of downloading photos after you scan them, and you can also click and drag flowers, baby toys, or other decorations and trims to where you want them to be.

Custom invitations and birth announcements can be printed by the website for a fee, or you have an option at some sites to print them yourself. If you are going to print your own cards, you will need to buy quality stationary. With a good printer, your invitations will look very good looking.